Sl no. Title of the Seminar Organizing Department State/National Level Date & year
1. “Physics behind Electronics and its application” Physics National Level 1st and 2nd December 2011
2 “Sampratik Bangla Choto Galpo” Bengali National Level 22nd-23rd March 2012.
3 “ Research and Higher Education in Computer Science and Information Technology” Computer Science National Level February 2012.
4. One Day Seminar Under UGC Scheme Computer Science State Level 29th March, 2012
5. “What after Graduation? Opportunities and Possibilities” Equal Opportunity and Career Counselling Cell State Level 5th March 2013.
6. “The Scientific and Technical Literature in Sanskrit: The Art and Entertainment within it” Sanskrit National Level 18th and 19th December, 2013

Sl no. Title of the Seminar Organizing Department Date & year
1 “Technical Details for Implementation of Research Projects” IQAC August, 2011
2 “Equal Opportunity in Higher Education” IQAC January, 2012
3 “Sasti sankranta Bibhinna Matabad” Philosophy March 2012.
4 “Puraner Narir Nabarupayan” Sanskrit and Bengali September 2012
5 “Karmayogi Swami Vivekananda” Sanskrit and Bengali 12th September 2012.
6 “Value-based Eduaction: Its Relevance in the Present Society” IQAC November, 2012
7 “Female Foeticide: ADanger to Our Society” IQAC and CINNI- ASHA (an NGO) February,2013
8 “Soft skill and Technical Skill Development of The Students” IQAC and Career Counselling and Placement Cell September, 2013
9 “Career Advancement of The Teachers” IQAC March, 2014
10 “Mangalyaan: India’s Mars Mission” Geography September, 2014
11 “Computerization of The Library: Necessity and Implementation” IQAC December, 2014
12 “ East Kolkata Wetland: A Unique Example of Sustainable Use of Resources” Geography January, 2015
13 “Undergraduate Curriculum of Philosophy” Philosophy 25th February 2015
14 “Awareness on Environmental hazards” Zoology and the NSS unit 27th February 2015
15 “Literature: A Mirror of Society” English 6th April 2015
16 “Impact of Globalization on India” Political Science 21st April 2015
17 “Planning for Future- a Guideline” Career Counselling Cell 18th February 2015
18 “NAAC Accreditation” IQAC 2nd February 2015
19 “Snake and its venom” Zoology and NSS unit 26th & 27th February 2015
20 “Disaster Management” Zoology and NSS unit 27th February 2015
21 “Nano Science technology and its Future” Chemistry 21st December 2012.
22 Algebra and its applications Mathematics 16th November, 2012
23. Surface Geometry and Tensor Mathematics 18th February, 2016